you deserve someone who isn’t embarrassed to love you and tells all their friends about you and saves your selfies, whether they’re good or bad to look at when they miss you and loses sleep to talk to you and tells you how much they love you and how beautiful you are all the time and i really hope you find that one day because you deserve to be loved

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"I hope you fall in love
 with someone who always texts back and never lets 
you fall asleep thinking you’re

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do you ever get your period and just think about your recent behavior like wow that explains a lot

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Do you ever get into an argument with someone and find yourself unable to speak for a moment because you’re just so blown away by how utterly wrong and ignorant the other person is being and you can’t understand how anyone could actually believe the things they are saying

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i hope u find someone that mindlessly plays with your hands and lightly strokes your legs and massages your back and plays with your hair and i hope that u feel like you’re home when u look at them

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"Try not to feel jealous about things, or people or places. It’s toxic. Just keep living. You will find your happiness."

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"I wish I could be more. But not for you. Fuck you. I want to be more for myself."

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